Does hypnotherapy work effectively online?


Since March, like many training courses we found ourselves delivering the teaching using video conferencing online (Zoom). We needed to deliver the sessions professionally with equal spirit and energy. We also wanted to pass our knowledge onto the students so they could confidently use Zoom to deliver their practice sessions. So, would sessions be as effective online?

The University of Manchester published research in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis showing that using hypnosis on Skype was an effective treatment for people with IBS (International Journal of clinical and Experimental hypnosis 2019).

The University of Zurich found that online therapy was more effective for clients with depression than face to face therapy (Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013).

A team of Global experts in mental health have written in the Lancet Psychiatry about what they describe as ‘telepsychiatry’ (online therapy). The experts say that online therapy is particularly helpful when it is delivered in an intelligent, targeted manner that provides appropriate support. They also recommended focus on routine measurement and valued outcomes be part of the therapy (2020).

What does mean for our students and all qualified Hypnotherapists?

Although the Covid situation has propelled most of us onto using video conferencing platforms. Many Clinical Hypnotherapists have been using this platform for many years. The Zoom format is secure and with technical additions we are able to not only visually see the client we can communicate easily with minimal disturbance. The session format remains unchanged and we can even feed the music through the computer system, so it is clear and crisp.

For those Hypnotherapists who embraced online therapy many years ago, they have been able to widen the scope of their practice and broaden the appeal to those who were unable to leave home or too far away to travel. Now, we can all benefit from learning how to use Zoom effectively. We now incorporate this topic into our teaching and will continue to do so when we are able to return to face to face.

Global experts in Mental Health recommend at this time, that all therapists should have regular periods of reflection to enhance their practice. Once qualified, our graduates continue to be fully supported with supervision and continued personal development (CPD). They are able to talk freely about their successes and can seek assistance with any queries or problems that they encounter. This support is crucial in maintaining standards and updating their knowledge. The tutors at CPHT are qualified supervisors and offer this support online in a group or one to one setting.

All CPHT graduates are very fortunate to be in the position of having the skills to deliver the therapy that the client needs, and our therapy can be delivered effectively through video conferencing platforms. As described by the experts in the Lancet, the Solution Focused approach fulfils the recommendations of therapy being measured, individualised and refined.

Clinical hypnotherapist are very much needed at this time to help those affected by this crisis and online therapy has allowed us to do this, we are grateful.

Is hypnosis a risky business?

Hypnotherapy Training Liverpool

It is interesting what is risky to one person is a simple challenge to another. One person may believe that anything is worth a try and another may think that the risk of failing, tips the balance.

So what determines how we evaluate whether something is worth the risk?

Well maybe it’s when we think that something is being to be too costly: financial cost, emotional cost or the risk of being not quite good enough?

Are we prone to over exaggerating the risks? Do we not take risks in life everyday. Each decision we make has an element of risk, as it may turn out well or it may not. We may be good at something or we may not. We may be successful or we may not. We somehow balance the risk in our minds, the result of which determines the quality of our lives.

When I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist did I take a risk? (Cathy Eland, Course Tutor at Liverpool CPHT) 

When my clients come to see me about their anxieties, do they take a risk?

‘Yes’ is the answer.

But wouldn’t it be useful for us to look at each opportunity and realistically evaluate the risk. If that risk involves an element of anxiety, are we not able to say to ourselves, it’s worth it. Progress always carries a price, and that price is that we manage ourselves to stay focused on our goal.

That is the way that a big risk becomes small, perhaps not a risk at all, now a challenge or a simple task.

Was it worth the risk to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist? Yes, Oh Blimey Yes

Is it worth your risk?

Join us on the course starting in March 2019 in Speke and pay the price for your own personal progress TODAY

CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy Training

Change your career, change your life!

Are you considering a change of career? Choosing to train as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with CPHT Liverpool could change your life as well as those of others.

When the tutor of CPHT Manchester asked Jenny Mellenchip if she wanted to work as a hypnotherapist  she said ‘Yes’.  After all the interview was to see if she was made of the right stuff, but inside she admits to being terrified. Jenny says, “After all, I had a good job in the sales and marketing industry, working with lovely people and earning a decent wage, I worried that I would never have the courage to be self-employed.” Well, at the right time, Jenny did have the courage to become self-employed, but she admits that she wouldn’t have been able to do so, if she hadn’t been encouraged to practice on real clients free of charge, from day one of the course.

#Trance practice,@CPHTLiverpool students. confidence through practice
Students of @CPHTLiverpool practicing trance in class

Initially she practiced carrying out relaxation with friends & family. Then after month three, she moved onto people with anxiety and depression. Each month after that saw her practicing on more people and she quickly became experienced in helping people suffering from an ever-growing list of conditions. These conditions ranged from phobias, to weight loss, stopping smoking and sports performance. As Jenny started to see people improve from her sessions, her confidence began to grow along with her competence as a hypnotherapist.

By month seven, along with the other students, she was allowed to charge her clients half price and she could really start to see the potential of running her own business. Her marketing background came in very useful and after qualification she moved to part-time hours at work and this allowed her to build her business up quickly. A further 10 months in practice juggling her employed role with that of a part time hypnotherapist, saw her handing in her notice at work.

Since then she has worked as a full-time hypnotherapist helping people to get their lives back on track. Jenny says “I have met some wonderful people going through some very difficult times and helped their life to become easier. I love my job and I have the work/life balance that I could only dream of as an employee with a daily commute of 130 miles.”

So much so that Jenny, along with Catherine Eland another CPHT graduate, agreed to start the first CPHT hypnotherapy training school in Leeds. They were keen to take the message about solution focused hypnotherapy to the people of Leeds and give them the same opportunities that they had been given.

CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy Training Course
Cpht Liverpool Hypnotherapy training course Senior Lecturers

CPHT Leeds is now on its third successful course at Leeds Trinity University. Cathy & Jenny love seeing the students become confident & extremely competent hypnotherapists & hearing about their many success stories. As a result, they now wish to extend this same opportunity to the people of Liverpool & the surrounding areas. Starting in March 2019, Jenny & Cathy will be running the first CPHT  hypnotherapy training course in Liverpool. It will be held at the Partnership for learning charity, training & conference centre in Speke, Liverpool.

They are both excited about being able to help those people of Liverpool who wish to train as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.  Jenny & Cathy hope that if you’re considering a change of career, that you choose to train as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. They know that it has the potential to change your life in the same way that it did theirs!